Our founder, C. J., was a renowned horticulturalist and innovator in the banana production, harvesting, packing, selling and shipping business,  After spending 35 years working for large international corporate entities, in various Latin American countries, he decided to follow his dream and start his own business.  In 1982, he took an early retirement and bought a 7-acre parcel of land in Folsom, Louisiana.  There he built a home for he and his wife, and began to make his dream a reality.

His idea was to start a container grown landscaping tree nursery.  As he researched and shared his idea with other nurserymen in the area, he found resistance to the idea from others in the business.  At that time, all landscaping trees grown in the area were grown in the ground and sold in ball and burlap.  The consensus was that container grown trees would be too expensive to produce; considering start up costs, irrigation challenges, maintenance, etc.

Against all advise, C. J. was confident that container grown trees would be of higher quality and have a more vigorous growth pattern, once permanently planted, than a ball and burlap tree would have, since b&b roots require cutting in order to harvest them.  Undeterred, he built his nursery infrastructure and planted his first five varieties of trees.


In 1983, his son, Philip, joined him and took the dream as his own.  Together they successfully grew the nursery and offered trees in up to 15 gallon pots.  In 1987, C. J. wanted to expand into larger sized trees, so he purchased a 30 acre tract of land in Kentwood, Louisiana, and began an expansion into trees grown in up to 200 gallon pots.

Since then, the little nursery has kept on growing.   C. J. is no longer with us, but his greatest advice is ingrained in our hearts :  "never compromise our standards of quality and ethics."