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The Celebrated Cypress
Our Carolina Sapphires will please a discriminating crowd. The Blue Ice is a especial crowd pleaser.  I bet you can't keep your eyes off of them.

The Sassy Cypress
Perfect near any water feature or low area, these gorgeous specimen will enhance any vista.  We have the Bald and Pond Cypress for whatever wets your whistle.

The Wholesome Holly
How better to make a statement than by having a Holly or two in the yard.  Eye candy! Our Holly varieties include Dahoon, East Palatka, Eagleston, Oak Leaf and Savannah. 

The Mysterious Magnolia
There is no other way to be in the south than to have a few Magnolia around.  Try our classic DD Blanchard, Little Gem, Sweetbay and Brakens Brown Beauty varieties and feel right at home.

The Majestic Maple
We’re not one to brag, but these are simply the best.  Another southern classic that can not be ignored. Our colorful Florida Flame, Summer Red and Drummondi varieties will pump you up.
The Mighty Oak
If it is shade you are looking for, we have it in any shape or form an Oak can give.  Our varieties included White, Willow, Nuttall and Live Oak.

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